Hole Mesh© is a pre/post processer that performs stress analysis and buckling analysis for a rectangular plate with a centered hole. The program uses the open source CalculiX solver. It is a very feature rich and flexible program (see the items below). The program will be released in early 2020 and a demo video is available below.

Some of the capabilities are:

  • Auto mesh and manual mesh density control (radially and circumfrentially) and the option to use 4-noded and 8-noded quad elements
  • Each edge can have its own running load and in-plane moment
  • A bearing load can be applied (for bearing-bypass analysis)
  • Up to 3 pad-ups are allowed (with mesh quality control for each pad-up)
  • A flange (lip) at the hole edge is allowed
  • Buckling analysis: Any combination of edge supports (4 edges) that can be free, simple, or clamped
  • Isotropic, Orthotropic, and Composites materials are supported
  • Curvature is possible in both directions
  • Transverse shear deformation is supported for buckling anlaysis
  • Visual display of the stress analysis fringe plots and the buckled mode shape