HoleMesh© is a pre/post processer that performs stress analysis and buckling analysis for a rectangular plate with a centered hole. The program uses the open source CalculiX solver. It is a very feature rich and flexible program (see the items below). The program will be released in 2021 and two demo videos are now available below.

Some of the capabilities are as follows (however, some capabilities may not be available in the first version):

  • Auto mesh and manual mesh density control (radially and circumfrentially) and the option to use 4-noded and 8-noded quad elements
  • Each edge can have its own running load and in-plane moment
  • A bearing load can be applied (for bearing-bypass analysis)
  • Up to 3 pad-ups are allowed (with mesh quality control for each pad-up)
  • A flange (lip) at the hole edge is allowed
  • Buckling analysis: Any combination of edge supports (4 edges) that can be free, simple, or clamped
  • Isotropic, Orthotropic, and Composites materials are supported
  • Curvature is possible in both directions
  • Transverse shear deformation is supported for buckling anlaysis
  • Visual display of the stress analysis fringe plots and the buckled mode shape