1D Elements© is a user friendly finite element pre/post processor that uses beam, rod, and spring elements in 2D space. It is Excel based and uses VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to allow for advanced capability. 1D Elements is compatible with the included free MYSTRAN solver (similar to Nastran) or the MSC Nastran solver. This combination is a standard approach to finite element analysis (pre/post processer and a solver).

1D Elements© is the most flexible and powerful program of its kind. Some of the features are:

  • Static analysis, buckling anlaysis (Eigenvalue buckling), natural frequency analysis, and static analysis with nonlinear geometry (MSC Nastran only).
  • All elements (beams, rods, springs) can be connected in any manner and combined in the same model.
  • Forces, moments, thermal loads, enforced displacements, gravity/acceleration can all be applied simultaneously (for static analysis and buckling analysis).
  • Building from the capability of Excel, custom equations can be used to can pass values to all inputs. Because of this, fully parametric models are possible.
  • The included NodeMaker© program can be used to create free-form models from images.
  • Various functions, IF statements, etc. can be used to control the inputs/outputs.
  • Deflection, Shear, and Moment diagrams for continuous beams.
  • Support for various standard cross sections and also custom cross sections.
  • Multiple cases can be automatically looped. All input and output variables can be linked (assists with optimization).
  • Pin flags (DOF releases), transverse shear deformation, element masses, and point masses (concentrated masses) are all supported.
  • Direct access to the input file (input deck) and output file(s).
  • Tabular I/O allows for quick modification of the entire model and all results are immediately available for viewing or further processing in Excel.

For more information, see the Download page for documentation and the Videos page for tutorials.